Halong Bay in Vietnam is renowned for its breathtaking beauty, with its mystical limestone islands and emerald waters. Amidst this natural wonder lies a hidden gem, the Tung Sau Pearl Farm. Established in 1995 through a joint venture between a Vietnamese and Japanese company, this unique pearl farm has become a destination for travelers seeking an immersive experience in the art of pearl cultivation.

The story of Pearl Farm in Halong Bay

Situated in a secluded bay surrounded by stunning limestone islands, the Tung Sau Pearl Farm covers an expansive area of 30 hectares. With over 3,000 saltwater pearl cages, it is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the farmers who have perfected the art of pearl cultivation over the years.

The journey of the Tung Sau Pearl Farm began with a joint venture between a Vietnamese and Japanese company. However, after more than a decade of operation, the Japanese partner transferred the entire farm to Mrs. Nguyen Thuy Huong and her husband.

This change marked a significant shift in the pearl industry, as Quang Ninh sea area pearls were no longer exported as raw products to Japan. Instead, Ha Long Pearl products now proudly bear their own brand. In 2015, the Ha Long Pearl Joint Stock Company’s products were recognized as OCOP (One Commune, One Product) of Ha Long City, a testament to their exceptional quality.

How to visit Pearl Farm

To embark on your journey to the Tung Sau Pearl Farm, you can book a cruise that offers the route 2 in Halong Bay. While shared cruise routes to this spot may be limited, you can opt for the convenience and flexibility of renting a private boat or choosing a 2-night cruise to fully immerse yourself in this enchanting pearl farm.

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Pearl Farm in Halong Bay
Tung Sau Pearl-Farm of Halong Bay

What to Experience in Pearl Farm

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by knowledgeable tour guides who will take you through the intricate and meticulous process of cultivating pearls at the Tung Sau Pearl Farm. This immersive experience begins with the breeding of pearl oysters, where the tour guides will explain how sperm and eggs are collected from natural or hybridized oysters. The next step involves nurturing the oyster larvae by providing them with microorganism-based food and releasing them into cages in the bay. Witnessing this delicate process

Pearl Extracting process

The highlight of your visit is the grafting of the nucleus into the oyster. With a small knife in hand, the skilled farmers delicately open the oyster’s shell and carefully place an artificial nucleus and a small bead inside. This meticulous technique ensures the formation of a high-quality pearl.

After approximately two years of nurturing, the oyster shells are opened to reveal the exquisite pearls. As a visitor, you will have the unique opportunity to try your hand at opening oysters and extracting pearls, creating a memorable and personal connection with the fascinating world of pearl farming.

The friendly guides will provide instructions, guiding you through the process of gently cutting open the oyster shell to unveil the hidden treasure within. You can even keep the pearls you open as a meaningful souvenir of your visit.

Pearl Museum

After witnessing the captivating process of pearl cultivation, your journey continues as you explore the exhibition area and pearl museum at the Tung Sau Pearl Farm. Here, you will discover a captivating display of various product models, enabling you to explore and appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into creating these pearls. Whether you’re looking to purchase a unique souvenir or simply immerse yourself in the beauty of these precious gems, the exhibition area offers a glimpse into the artistry and challenges of the pearl production process.

Visiting the cultured pearl farming area in Ha Long Bay.
Visiting a pearl farm.

Embarking on the Journey to the Pearl Farm

Visiting the Tung Sau Pearl Farm is an adventure in itself, as the pearl farming area is situated quite far from the shore. The journey to this enchanting destination takes approximately three hours by boat. However, the stunning sights you’ll encounter along the way make the voyage truly worthwhile. As you navigate through the turquoise waters of Halong Bay, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of famous islands and caves, immersing yourself in the natural wonders that have made this destination a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Upon reaching the pearl farming area, you’ll be greeted by a mesmerizing panorama of clusters of limestone islands and a series of distinctive pearl farming points. The beauty of the surroundings combined with the allure of the pearl farm creates a truly unforgettable experience.

The Exquisite Akoya Pearl

Among the array of pearl products at the Tung Sau Pearl Farm, the Akoya pearl stands out as a true gem. Produced through the cultivation process of Martens oysters, the Akoya pearl comes in a variety of colors and sizes ranging from 3 to 9 mm.

These pearls are the result of carefully selecting and nurturing Martens oysters, which are then implanted with a small nucleus inside their shells. Over the course of approximately 24 months, the oysters secrete calcium to cover the nucleus, resulting in the formation of a lustrous pearl. It’s important to note that during the harvesting process, not only the pearls but all other parts of the oyster hold value.

paddling a kayak to visit the pearl farm
Visit Halong bay pearl farm

A visit to the Tung Sau Pearl Farm in Halong Bay is an extraordinary journey that allows you to delve deep into the captivating world of pearl farming. Embark on this extraordinary adventure and discover the enchantment of pearl farming in Halong Bay.