There are 3 ways to book tours with Bai Tho Junks: Booking directly via our Website, Online Booking Sites, and Our Travel Agency

Direct bookings with Bai Tho Junks 

Please send your request to our email addresses or WhatsApp chat. Our travel consultant will send you all the details with availability, rates, and inclusion By directly booking with us, you can work directly with our enthusiastic and experienced travel consultant so that your bookings can be supported quickly and efficiently. Any promotion or priority policy could be applied.

Online booking sites

Travelers can easily check and book the cruise with us on online booking sites such as, Agoda, Expedia, and Traveloka. Just check the offered rate and book your membership with these online booking sites. We have staff to support you with booking and final arrangements.

Travel agencies

The booking could be well managed with one of our travel agencies. Please feel free to contact our travel agency and get advice for your trip.