New Settle In January 2013(09/08/2013)

In Vietnam, end and beginning of LUNAR NEW YEAR are  traditional pretext for important friendly parties in most of the companies all over the country.  It is the right moment to communicate with all, to give information about the company’ results as well as the previsions for the coming year.


  At Bai Tho’ we are very keen to attend those parties. All of us work hard all the year long and during those days we can enjoy good time with all our colleagues.


  It is also the dedicated time to congratulate the best staffs of the company, offering them some Awards, flowers and special gratifications.


How can we let you imagine the great dinners we always organize ? No words can… Only some pictures to illustrate our pleasure.

Karaoke is always the final part of our festivities and all of us participate actively including our management board.

       We are now ready for a new year, 2013 being the year of The Snake.

             We wish you a HEALTHY, PROSPER AND HAPPY YEAR !

                                    CHUC MUNG NAM MOI !


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