Located in the North East of Halong Bay and possessing a similar landscape, Bai Tu Long Bay is considered as an ‘off-the-beaten-track’ destination that has recently been in high demand among international tourists. Smaller and quieter, for many its untouched beauty surpasses that of Halong Bay with more deserted, pristine beaches and no less impressive karst mountains. The Bay has a rich biodiversity with two ecosystems: a tropical, moist, evergreen rainforest ecosystem; and a marine and coastal ecosystem, which are home to hundreds of floral and faunal species.

Since Bai Tu Long is only in its initial stages as a destination for tourists, it is actually more stunning and attractive than Halong Bay with clearer water and less touristy attractions. Compared with approximately 600 cruises on Halong Bay, it humbles with only 30. A large number of travellers, through online research, wish to visit Bai Tu Long because it is much less crowded than its neighbour.

What makes Bai Tu Long stand out is the natural beauty of karsts and limestone islands rising from the emerald green water or mystical caves in tranquil mode. A number of attractions that still remain in their primitive charm will trigger your curiosity. Open sites for the public to visit include Thien Canh Son Cave, Vung Vieng Fishing Village, Cong Do Area, Thay Cave, Ban Chan Beach and much more.